The Gospel in Noah’s geneaology


In Genesis 5 we find a genealogy of the 10 generations from Adam to Noah.
The names in the genealogy form the whole  gospel in a nutshell.
ManapKl1. Adam means man in English.

2. Seth is next in line after Adam. Seth’s name means set, placed and appointed. You will find a reference to this in Gen 4:25, where Eve spoke of God having appointed her another son in place of Abel who had been killed by Cain. .

3. After this we find Enosh which means mortal.

4. Next we have Kenan which means sorrow.

5. Next we have Mahalalel. The first portion mahalal means blessed or praise, and El is the name for God. (When you see El in any name it has God’s name built into it, like Daniel.) So Mahalalel meansthe blessed God.

6. Next we have Jared which means he shall come down.

7. After this we have the prophet Enoch. Enoch means teaching, commencement or anointed.
Enoch was righteous man and a prophet who was taken up by the Lord. His most important prophecy was in the name he gave his son, Methuselah.

8. Methuselah means his death shall send. Methuselah’s name was a prophecy for the day of his death, just before the Great Flood. In the year that he died, the flood came. Methuselah has the longest life span recorded in Scripture. God gave the world 969 years to turn from sin and still they refused.

9. Next we have Lamech, the root of his name means despairing, desire and taste.

10. Last but not least, we have Noah. His name means comfort and rest 

The message in these names:

Man [is] appointed mortal sorrow; [but] the Blessed God shall send down his teaching
(or his anointed one),  his death shall send [the] despairing taste [of] rest and comfort.

Note: Unfortunately not all of the meanings of the names are given in the Strong’s dictionary.
A good Hebrew lexicon will give more information about some of the roots and meanings.