At long last we have some new material on our english website – some new articles and a growing number of audio sermons, and we are adding to it regularly.

All the material on the site is available to be downloaded free of charge, we only ask that you do not alter or use partial material without prior permission. But please feel free to reproduce or distribute material. We have tried to keep the format as simple as possible for easy printing and downloading.

Zimbabwe 2010 Download

01 Abrahams Sacrifice01 Abrahams Sacrifice  Download  
02 The Gospel in Genesis part102 The Gospel in Genesis part1  Download  
03 The Gospel in Genesis part203 The Gospel in Genesis part2  Download  
04 The Gospel in Genesis part304 The Gospel in Genesis part3  Download  
06 Error in the church06 Error in the church  Download  
07 Gods creation order part107 Gods creation order part1  Download  
08 Gods creation order part208 Gods creation order part2  Download  
09 Jacob and Esau09 Jacob and Esau  Download  
10 Power of the Kingdom part110 Power of the Kingdom part1  Download  
11 Power of the Kingdom part211 Power of the Kingdom part2  Download  
12 The Name of Jesus12 The Name of Jesus  Download